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Robert Holtzm holtzm at
Fri Aug 24 20:01:41 UTC 2012

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 03:58:26AM -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 08/24/2012 01:36 AM, Nils Kassube wrote:
> >Tim Hanson wrote:
> >>Now I have a new, larger usb drive on which I would like to copy
> >>/home.  I am accustomed to another distro that has a graphical
> >>partition manager which gets the UUID set up properly and takes care
> >>of all the details.  I have seen the disk utility provided with
> >>Ubuntu and I don't see a partition manager.  Where do I find it?
> >
> >Try gparted (ftom the package with the same name), it should do the job.
> I was about to ask the same question. gparted is kinda brass
> knuckles. Is there something a little bit "kinder" for an old fart?

Expand on what you mean by "brass knuckles". I think I'm older and
fartyer (look ma, I invented a word) than you and gparted is a breeze. 

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