gcnccam-4.4.2 build problem

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Fri Aug 24 16:21:13 UTC 2012

On Friday 24 August 2012 12:12:01 Colin Law did opine:

> On 23 August 2012 16:02, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> > 
> > I am trying to build a gcode generator on a 10.04.4 LTS 32 bit system.

> > Can someone else offer a clue here, I am fresh out.
> I don't know anything about the code but googling for
> sigc++/compatibility.h
> brings up lots of links which look like your problem.  Looking at a
> couple briefly suggests that interface is obsolete.  Possibly you have
> incompatible versions of stuff.
> Colin

Thanks Colin.  I don't know enough about c++ to make a stab at fixing it 
either.  There is a .deb of version 4.4.1 available, and that works but has 
a z axis bug, so I was trying to see if I could get the newer version to 

It may be possible to work around the z axis bug by doing the z stuff 
outside it, using this generators output as a callable subroutine.  I guess 
that will have to be investigated.  Doing that however, requires that the 
solution to the traveling salesman problem be repeated by the machinery for 
each increment of the Z cut, which can be and is time consuming when the 
machines free speeds are limited by stepper motor characteristics.

Thanks for looking, Colin.

Cheers, Gene
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