Update Problems

Joel Oliver joelol75 at verizon.net
Thu Aug 23 15:54:59 UTC 2012

I wonder what python script spewed garbage into those files.  Maybe the
package manager?  Not sure what pyshared is.  Would research this more
because whatever it is and whereever it came from can be messing up all
your alternatives and can do it again in the future.  Check through all the
files in /etc/alternatives for this python stuff.  There may be more that
you just haven't knocked on with a install yet.  Are you using ppa's or
mixing debian repos w/ ubuntu's?

This file is off an older Linux Mint Debian Edition server I sshed into
from my tablet as I'm on the road at moment.....   I would assume this
/var....net file might also symlinked into /etc/alternatives as well.
Version numbers could definitely be different.  Maybe just try putting
'auto' into the file and do a reinstall might work. Here is what it is ;)



Maybe someone knows what went awry? intriguing.
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