gnome-applet-volume-control is a huge usability regression

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Tue Aug 21 13:44:44 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 21 August 2012 09:41:32 Nils Kassube did opine:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Its my understanding that rc.local is executed as an S99 function in
> > /etc/rc.whatever, and the display manager isn't started until all
> > that stuff has run.  And I have attempted in times past to put
> > something that needs X in rc.local, and its always been a 100%
> > failure, no display. I have added a couple things to the autostart
> > menu, but haven't rebooted to try them yet.
> To my understanding the X server is started earlier than rc.local
> because rc.local is supposed to run as the last job.
> Anyway, usually you can't start applications which need a display from
> rc.local unless you provide the DISPLAY variable and run the application
> as the user owning the display. As an example, I am the owner of the
> display :0.0 as user nils. If I login as nils from Ctrl-Alt-F1, I can't
> start any application that needs X running. However if I set DISPLAY
> accordingly, it works:
> DISPLAY=:0.0 xeyes
> And if I wanted to run the application from rc.local it would be
> su nils -c 'DISPLAY=:0.0 xeyes'
> > I asked how to start a program on a specific workspace but no one has
> > volunteered any info on that.
> For KDE there is kstart to do that but I don't know if it would work
> with Gnome.
Checking in synaptic, it says kstart is a kerboros related utility.

One would think that should be a gdm function, but gdm doesn't seem to have 
a man page.
> Nils

Thanks Nils.

Cheers, Gene
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