Problems with repartitioning a HP Pavilion Laptop

compdoc compdoc at
Sat Aug 18 19:22:38 UTC 2012

> The HP variant of UEFI on my box comes up with fancy colors, graffiti-like
drawings and whatnot

The few UEFI consumer boards I've used to build systems with like Asus,
Asrock, etc. seem something like yours: they display graphics, and also
allow the use of a mouse.

But their screens are well laid out, and they are very descriptive about
what the settings are for. 

They boot any drive normally if it's a standard partition type like ms-dos.
I've never tried to boot a GPT partition, but I assume they can boot those
too. They don't hang or require resets and everything goes smoothly. 

Obviously HP needs to work on theirs a bit...

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