Problems with repartitioning a HP Pavilion Laptop

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Fri Aug 17 20:14:29 UTC 2012

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> I ran into similar hiccups with my - also new - Pavillon, until I
> realized that it had this new thingy called UEFI rather than the good
> old BIOS. If yours suffer from the same malady, the solution is to use
> grub-efi during the install and tell it to install grub-efi on sda1
> (something like 100 MB).

I was afraid I might run into this.  There is no indication that UEFA is 
the problem.  I looked into the BIOS etc.  Does anybody know more about 
this?  Where, other than HP tech support, can I find if it is on my 
laptop, (it was purchased in late May).   By the way, the Windows 
version is Windows 7, so presumably the OS does not support UEFI.  It 
still could be in the hardware, just unused.

Bill Stanley

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