Networking issue with 64 bit Ubuntu Virtual Machine

William Scott Lockwood III vladinator at
Tue Aug 14 18:50:21 UTC 2012

Hi there!
  I'm having a very odd problem with networking in a Ubuntu 64-bit
12.04 host in a VMWare ESX 4.1 environment, and Google hasn't been
much help. The host has the e1000 and vmxnet3 drivers available, and
dmesg shows that the driver loads, and eth0 is created. Once I am able
to log into the system however, there is no eth0, and it cannot be
brought up. The right version of the vmware tools has been installed.
The /etc/network/interfaces entry has been tested on another machine,
and works there. I am baffled by this.

W. Scott Lockwood III

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