Window manager problem with Gnome classic - version 11.10

Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Sat Apr 28 21:40:07 UTC 2012

On 28-04-12 20:51, Bill Stanley wrote:
> Well I'm back with another problem. I got the Gnome classic option
> running for a while and I thought I could live with it. Now a problem
> with the window manager has occurred. Until this is resolved, I can run
> only one program at a time. I haven't tried to run multiple programs
> because the single existing prrogram window "hides" the icons and
> launcher. I'll try to describe the symptoms.
> 1. There is no border to the window. As such, there is nowhere for the
> mouse pointer to "grab" the window border to resize it or to move it.
> Being no border, there is no window title, close, minimize or maximize
> icons to click on.
> 2. The window always opens on the upper left corner thus hiding any
> program launchers. I can't click on them because the one existing
> program is located over them and I can't move the window.
> 3. I can operate pull down menus but I can't click on these menu items
> because the menu closes when I try to move my mouse pointer there.
> Fortunately, the other user accounts on this computer works OK. It seems
> to be a window manager setting that affects the main computer user
> account. Any information on how to fix this situation would be helpful.
> Bill Stanley
Gnome2 has normally 4 desktops available - and you can increase that - 
simply switch to another desktop (e.g. CTRL-F2 or CTRL-F3, etc.) and you 
can load another program on that desktop. See if that works correctly.

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