System Settings Missing in 12.04

Barry Premeaux bpremeaux at
Fri Apr 27 16:34:41 UTC 2012

Do you mean the cog in the top right hand corner is missing, or that
> System Settings is missing from the drop down from the cog?
> Are the other items in the top panel ok?  Time, User, Network, Sound etc.
> The cog that was there, while running it live from the CD, isn't there.
Other items are there as they should be.  Had to log out from my user
session to get to the user log in screen.  Then, I could do a shut down.
That is, until that stopped working.

Had some other issues with Unity.  I keep my /home on a separate
partition.  When I do a new install, I reformat /root and simply mount
/home.  This has worked fine.  There are occasional issues with newer
versions of an application.  They can be cleared up by simply saving the
associated hidden directory to a new name and letting the new app restore

I was having other issues with the launcher menu.  Missing icons for one.
The Systems Settings icon was missing, but there was a blank space where it
was located and a pop up ID.  Click on the blank space and it launches.
Terminal was the same way.  Not all of the Libreoffice applications were
available.  Draw and Base were missing.  Installing Libreoffice launcher
app took care of that issue.  I installed several applications and for some
of them the icon would say "Waiting to finish install."  Yet, the software
manager says the installation is complete.  If I reboot, the application is
ready for use.

Looking for basic accessories, I wanted a calculator app.  The software
manager says one is installed.  Couldn't get it to launch from the cli, so
installed KCalc.  It installed fine and was on the launcher panel.  After a
reboot, the icon disappeared and left me with a blank space and the pop up
indicating it was there.  Click on the blank space and it launches as it

I had several application launchers and a couple spreadsheet files in the
desktop directory that were carried over to this installation.  As the apps
were installed, they picked up there icons as they should.  But, the
spreadsheet files didn't pick up the Libreoffice Calc icon that had been
there prior to this installation.

I finally installed the Xubuntu desktop and everything is back to normal.
All the applications that are installed can be easily found in the menu.
The two spreadsheets icons appear on the desktop just as they should.  A
right click on the desktop gives you easy access to the tools you need to
manage the system.

For me, Unity just doesn't work.  I had LinuMint 12 loaded, but they were
getting slow on doing updates to a kernel that had known issues with
removable flash drives.  I like what I see with Xubuntu.
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