Gnome and Ubuntu 12.04 beta

NoOp glgxg at
Sun Apr 22 23:50:49 UTC 2012

On 04/21/2012 03:23 AM, Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:
> On 21/04/12 03:49, NoOp wrote:
>> If you actually want it to work, I recommend VMWare Player instead of
>> VBox. I have 12.04 running on the same host; VMWare Player correctly
>> does proper 3D (Unity and GNOME), VBox does not. Doesn't matter how many
>> times that I reinstall/reconfigure VBox, it still does not work in 3D.
>> And if I actually turn on the 3D display in Vbox, I don't even get a top
>> panel.
>>    Same host/system - plus that same system has boot partitions to 12.04
>> &  11.04, and both work just fine, so it's not a hardware issue.
> I looked at VMWare and decided that it is not for me. I think it was the 
> Ts and Cs, however that's not the problem. Looking through Synaptic I 
> note that large lumps of GNOME are still at 3.2, despite the desktop 
> being at 3.4.

Of course. Then again, Oracle could pull another '' with
VB as well...

> I've now installed Fedora-17 beta in a VM (VBox) and I'm happily 
> evaluating GNOME 3.4 in all its glory. Brief first impression is that 
> this is what Unity could have been, but then why create Unity in the 
> first place?

Fedora 16 and 17b work just fine for me in VirtualBox, as does the GNOME
3.4 live user iso (<>).
It's just Ubuntu/Unity that does not.
> PS I have no problems with 3D under VBox, but I am using the "real" 
> thing from Oracle, not the rebuilt version in the Ubuntu repositories. 
> Maybe that's what is causing your problem?

Nope. No Ubuntu flavors installed - it's a clean 12.04 install (each
test) using only VirtualBox. Even acts the same with an alternate 'test'

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