can't install ubuntu 11.10 or any other version on my asus x43t

Steve Flynn anothermindbomb at
Fri Apr 20 12:34:52 UTC 2012

On 20 April 2012 11:40, nidhin das <nidhindas33 at> wrote:
> Boot the "alternative" image rather than the stock image. It'll boot
> in text mode rather than gui, but it should be enough to get you going
> and to install the drivers for your AMD card.
>  i am new to linux. i dont know how to install in text mode. i
> download a alternative download file from the page above.. but still
> it not work .. plz explain how to install in textmode.. and also i
> download a file for graphics card drvier for amd 64.  i also try to
> connect a crt monitor to my laptop but still the problem exist.. the
> bad thing is that there is no support from asus side.. they are
> recommending  windows...

Ok - there are two versions of the Ubuntu installer.

The "usual" one, which uses a GUI to guide you through the
installation process and an "alternative" image which performs the
installation in text mode. You don't make any choice on whether to
install in graphics mode or text mode than putting the relevant disk
into the drive.

Which image did you download from the link I provided?

Did you burn it to a CD/DVD as bootable media and have you tried to
boot your machine from this CD/DVD?

When you say you're trying to install from USB, how are you doing
this? You're creating a bootable USB stick using something like

When you say you can hear the "login" sound, which "login" sound do
you hear? I don't believe the Ubuntu installer has a "login" sound
until you have actually gone through the entire installation process.

Don't worry about downloading and finding drivers for your graphics
card until you've actually got the base operating system installed.


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