Fwd: Sweex 7.1 usb sound card problems

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Subject: 	Sweex 7.1 usb sound card problems
Date: 	Mon, 09 Apr 2012 22:16:40 +0100
From: 	Gabriel <gabrielsimao1234567890 at gmail.com>
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Hello everyone, I would like to thank everyone that answered my last
question here about AMD E-350 APU, now straight to the point. I recently
acquired a sweex 7.1 usb sound card and i would like to use the
microphone together with the headphone, but i`m unable to use them, i
already tried to configure my sound in a lot of different ways but i
can`t get any sound from my headphones jack neither to get any sound
from my microphone jack both from the external usb card. I really need
help, if more info is needed i can provide i just need to be asked to.

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