couple questions about configuring and installing kernel for systemtap

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Apr 9 23:56:06 UTC 2012

  i want to configure, build, install and reboot to a new kernel to
play with systemtap so i'm reading the wiki page here:

but a couple things there seem confusing.

  first, do i really need to run "make headers_install"?  all that
does is populate the kernel tree directory "usr/include/" with the
header files that are exported to userspace.  does systemtap actually
require that?

  and second, do i actually need to do one of those last two steps?
if i reboot to the new kernel, then the symlink
/lib/modules/RELEASE/build will point to my kernel source tree, so it
would seem everything is ready to go.

  new kernel (3.4.0-rc2) is building now, so any clarification would
be just ducky.  thanks.



Robert P. J. Day                                 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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