Maybe OT, but thought I'd ask - Certificate in Thunderbird

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Wed Apr 4 14:31:13 UTC 2012

It could be that the root certificate used for signing the site's
certificate isn't in TBird's certificate store.

Go to Tools->Options->Advanced, and go to the Certificates tab, click on
View Certificates... from there you can do many things.

You might be able to download from the site you are accessing, the root
certificate used for signing the cert of your server... and import it
into the Authorities section.

Or you can import the certificate from your server directly in the
"Servers" section, then select it, then "Edit Trust"... to make it trusted.


On 04/04/2012 16:25, Verde Denim wrote:
> When I connect to my office using Thunderbird and attempt to pull up
> the address book, I get an error that tells me the cert does not come
> from a trusted source. The error code shows
> <site_name>:636 uses an invalid security certificate
> The certificate does not come from a trusted source
> (Error code: sec_error_untrusted_cert)
> I can view the cert, or cancel the action, but it does not connect to
> the global address book (located on a M$ Exchange server).
> Is there any way for me to connect to this using Thunderbird?
> Thanks, as always, for the input.
> -- Jack

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