Unfair competition

Edward avanti edward.avanti at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 06:47:18 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Ernest Doub <hideserted at gmail.com> wrote:

> One of the most effective ways to discourage new users and to shut out
> those looking for viable alternatives to Windo$e is to reduce the ability to
> obtain assistance during the steep part of the learning curve.

what rubbish, you would find that google is a great reference for problems,
a lot of whats here is trolling, no, most of what is here is trolling, there
are many other lists of help, even redhat lists, afterall its all linux and
the same programs are used pretty much on both, just diferent installer
methods, I found answers to problems with ubuntu
reading gentoo posts from google.

> Closing down support avenues because some of the more anally retentive
> subscribers can't deal with the ~normal~ social interaction indicative of a
> healthy social organism presents a public perception of a closed shop -
> outsiders need not apply - you are not wanted or welcome here.

never hread the saying " if you abuse it, you lose it" ?

> If ~you~ can't handle the stress then leave.

first thing you've said I agree with. I been around since early fidonet days
on BBS's, you learned to harden up even back then, even in the 90's where
IRC and usenet ruled (yes for the kids of today, IRC and usenet actually had
a purpose other than warez) yo learnt even faster to harden up

I have dealt with technical types across a broad range of disciplines my
> entire adult life.  The most socially retarded have always been those who
> were most wrapped up in the operation of complex computerized systems where
> they dealt more with machines than other human beings.

at work I agree my boss wont let me talk to customers, he thinks its
punishment  think its all my christmases come at once :D
and outside of work I have plenty great friends socialise with every weekend
and sometimes  during week, so your perception is rather 1980s  geek V jock
  'n all...

> Be advised that I am a cranky old man who has suffered a disabling injury
> and has lots of time available to pull

I couldnt care about  that, I treat everyone the same regardless of age,
race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or "community status",

> your chain, and a lifetime of experience at making people loose their cool
> - it is usually quite entertaining and occasionally instructive.
> ED

then by your own admission you are here soley to piss people off, there are
plenty around here who will give you a run for your money and some, sdadly a
few good ones were kicked off th list last year.
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