how to boot/run in text console only

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Fri Sep 30 00:53:19 UTC 2011

You may install Ubuntu Server version. It's text mode default(with no X
server installed). and if you have installed other version of Ubuntu and do
not want to reinstall, just keep it, you do not have to remove the X-server
and something others.

you can start into text mode by change the grub file.

vim /etc/default/grub #you can use some others instead of vim

look at this line


and replace "splash" with text

if you really want to remove ubuntu-desktop. It may not have a good way for
purge remove.

apt-get purge *xorg*

I've tried this command(similar) before, but I don't think it is a purge
programs in X mode will not be removed, but they could not start anymore.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 8:03 PM, Harry Putnam <reader at> wrote:

> I've attempted to make an ubuntu install an all text console machine
> by removing as much of xorg as seemed to need it.
> Also wondering if anyone knows, if in the circumstance of X-less
> machine it would be safe to remove all pkgs with x11 in there name.
> (I've inlined a list of those remaining pkgs at the end)
> I may do some developement but not for X related software.  I just
> want to make sure that if I remove all those x11 named pkgs, I won't
> suddenly be missing important tools and libraries I might need even in
> X-less machine environment.
> aptitude search x11 |grep ^i
> i   brltty-x11                      - Access software for a blind person
> using a
> i   dbus-x11                        - simple interprocess messaging system
> (X11
> i   libx11-6                        - X11 client-side library
> i   libx11-data                     - X11 client-side library
> i   libx11-dev                      - X11 client-side library (development
> heade
> i   libx11-xcb1                     - Xlib/XCB interface library
> i   pulseaudio-module-x11           - X11 module for PulseAudio sound
> server
> i   x11-apps                        - X applications
> i   x11-common                      - X Window System (X.Org)
> infrastructure
> i   x11-session-utils               - X session utilities
> i   x11-utils                       - X11 utilities
> i   x11-xfs-utils                   - X font server utilities
> i   x11-xkb-utils                   - X11 XKB utilities
> i   x11-xserver-utils               - X server utilities
> i A x11proto-core-dev               - X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary
> heade
> i A x11proto-input-dev              - X11 Input extension wire protocol
> i A x11proto-kb-dev                 - X11 XKB extension wire protocol
> i A x11proto-xext-dev               - X11 various extension wire protocol
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