how to boot/run in text console only

Avi Greenbury lists at
Thu Sep 29 22:09:49 UTC 2011

Harry Putnam wrote:
> Also wondering if anyone knows, if in the circumstance of X-less
> machine it would be safe to remove all pkgs with x11 in there name.
> (I've inlined a list of those remaining pkgs at the end)

Well, it depends what else is running. It might be worth trying the
uninstall and then reading through the list of packages to be
uninstalled because they depend upon those you are trying to remove.
But that will be a _long_ list.

It's quite possible you've some packages with 'x11' in the name if
you're doing stuff with documents where you may need to play with
fonts. I'm sure there's other situations, too, but the only way to be
sure is to check that you don't want to keep anything it's trying to
remove, and that you're not relying on any optional extra functionality
provided by those packages.

It's probably easiest to start from an x-less server instead, just
do a minimal (or server) install.


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