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Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Thu Sep 29 17:03:50 UTC 2011

On Thursday, September 29, 2011 8:20:41 am rikona wrote:
> Another approach might be more fruitful. It is evident that there are
> a number of people who really like to post OT stuff. Trying to silence
> these people by moderation is, as we can already see, fraught with
> problems. Giving them a good place to post OT material might solve a
> lot of the problem.

Giving someone something for misbehaving just gets you more misbehaving 
people.  It is like throwing money at a problem, all you really do is make the 
problem larger. It has to grow large enough to use all the money thrown at it.  
Had you have starved the problem it would have gone away pretty much on its 
own.  Best bet is just not to feed the problem.   

> What they need is an easy-as-possible alternative mailing list. The
> bikeshed forum alternative is NOT good - javascript, ads, and way too
> much other googleness. I am amazed that, with all the tech folks here,
> SOMEONE could not start a 'real' mailing list something like UB-OT, or
> if it needs more obfuscation, UBOT.

There was one once, it was just totally ruined by it users to the point it was 
shut down.  That is also a real danger here in this list.  There are people 
who work and I mean work hard at trying to destroy this list like they did the 
sounder one.  Too bad they don't put as much effort into something constructive 
but that seems not an option for any of the world's vandals.

> When that is set up and running, each email in need of moderation
> would give the suggestion to move it to the OT **mailing** list [not
> forum], and include the subscribe info. At that point, any
> continuation could be moderated, since there is a *good* alternative.
> Is there NOBODY here willing to set up such a 'real' mailing list? I
> would think that with all the technical capabilities here, we would
> already have such a MAILING LIST.

Because it costs money, time, and effort and you already see the reward for it 
is whining people who actually go out of their way to see how may rules they 
can break.  

> This was done for Mandrake and worked very well. Why not here? This
> issue keeps coming up over, and over, and over...

Yes it does because people ALWAYS feed the trolls. evidenced by these 
threads which have hundreds of pure noise replies.  This one will become yet 
another noisy rant in a matter of minutes.  What is there now, six of these 
run on threads taking up the resources of this list?  ...seems like more every 

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