Shuttleworth (SABDFL) wants to shutdown this ubuntu.user list

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Sep 29 01:19:14 UTC 2011

On 09/28/2011 08:48 PM, NoOp wrote:
> Culled from the recent threads via Alan Pope regarding '[Admin]
> Additional moderator':
> Shuttleworth states that they should just shut the Ubuntu users list
> down (Mark Shuttleworth is 'sabdfl'[1]:
> :
> [aiee, we should just shut that baby down]
> [i'm happy to take the shutdown bullets on -users]
> [even if it's of the 'last chance, fred's agreed to moderate, if (s)he
> gives up, we shut down the list']
> Given the past results from the Sounder list I reckon that this list is
> probably on it's last legs (IMO). And before anyone here ask: no I don't
> plan to volunteer to be a moderator... I get enough flack already for
> being a quasi-listmom on occasion.
It's just as well the last person I helped took the time to send a thank 
you.  I'd be starting to feel a little butthurt at the 'love' and 
appreciation I've been getting from canonical lately.

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