A basic question regarding grub display options

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Tue Sep 27 19:33:05 UTC 2011

> This command notifies the memory manager that specified regions of RAM
> ought to be filtered out (usually, because they're damaged). This remains in
> effect after a payload kernel has been loaded by GRUB, as long as the loaded
> kernel obtains its memory map from GRUB. Kernels that support this include
> Linux, GNU Mach, the kernel of FreeBSD and Multiboot kernels in general.
> Syntax is the same as provided by the Memtest86+ utility: a list of
> address/mask pairs. Given a page-aligned address and a base address / mask
> pair, if all the bits of the page-aligned address that are enabled by the
> mask match with the base address, it means this page is to be filtered. This
> syntax makes it easy to represent patterns that are often result of memory
> damage, due to physical distribution of memory cells.

I didn't know about it but it seems useful. I would not remove it rather
leave it in the system. But wanted to know only, would play how it looks if
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