A basic question regarding grub display options

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Tue Sep 27 19:31:00 UTC 2011

On 28/09/11 02:49, NoOp wrote:
> But the question still remains re memtest86: "Rather than remove it, why
> not remove the executable bit?" as suggested on the
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2  page?
> ...

We'll have to leave it to Colin to answer that; personally I'll won't 
remove anything as the facility 'badram' may come useful however 
unlikely. I referred to the section on badram and to quote from the 
website or the info facility (both are the same)......looks 'generously 

Regards - Goh Lip

14.3.2 badram

— Command: badram addr,mask[,addr,mask...]
Filter out bad RAM.

This command notifies the memory manager that specified regions of RAM 
ought to be filtered out (usually, because they're damaged). This 
remains in effect after a payload kernel has been loaded by GRUB, as 
long as the loaded kernel obtains its memory map from GRUB. Kernels that 
support this include Linux, GNU Mach, the kernel of FreeBSD and 
Multiboot kernels in general.

Syntax is the same as provided by the Memtest86+ utility: a list of 
address/mask pairs. Given a page-aligned address and a base address / 
mask pair, if all the bits of the page-aligned address that are enabled 
by the mask match with the base address, it means this page is to be 
filtered. This syntax makes it easy to represent patterns that are often 
result of memory damage, due to physical distribution of memory cells.

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