[ADMIN] Additional moderator(s) sought for ubuntu-users list

Cybe R. Wizard cyber_wizard at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 27 18:33:55 UTC 2011

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 19:25:10 +0100
Avi Greenbury <lists at avi.co> wrote:

> > Oh, wait, Ubuntu is the Linux for Human Beings except for you and
> > you and...  
> Nobody's stopping anyone using it.

...yet.  What do you think moderation is all about?  Friendliness?
Hardly, someone who shall remain nameless has decided that some
viewpoints aren't desirous and are attempting to stop their
dissemination.  What else can it possibly be for?

BTW, where are Karl Larson, Space Ghost, Res, ...?

Cybe R. Wizard -can y ou say, "moderated away?"
When Windows are opened the bugs come in.

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