Managing users with LDAP: cpu vs. ldapscripts vs. ?

Nicolas Kovacs info at
Mon Sep 26 15:53:57 UTC 2011


I'm currently migrating my old NFS/NIS setup for centralized 
authentication and roaming profiles to something more modern, e. g. 

So far, I've got everything working quite well in my sandbox network. 
Only thing I'm wondering about now is the best way to manage users.

I gave the 'cpu' (Change Password Utility) a spin, and I like it very 
much, since it allows to use the good old useradd/userdel/groupadd/etc. 
utilities by prefixing them with the cpu command, except users get 
stored in the LDAP directory tree. Works nice. One thing bothers me 
though: as if to mock the name of the utility, there's seems to be no 
way to change a users' password once it's defined. Plus, it only asks 
*once* for the password, so it's not typo-proof asn the original UNIX 
passwd command.

I see there's also another set of utilities for that, the 'ldapscripts'. 
Someone already worked satisfyingly with these?

Any suggestions for handling users in an LDAP directory tree? I don't 
mind if the tool is GUI or command-line, as long as it's reliable and 

Cheers from the sunny South of France,

Niki Kovacs

PS: server is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, clients are Kubuntu 11.04.
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