KDE and akonadi FIXED

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Sat Sep 24 14:08:52 UTC 2011

Le 23/09/2011 11:22, Ric Moore a écrit :
> I have scrimped and saved for most of this year to get a new motherboard
> chock full-o processors and a tin-bucket full of ram. As I usually do, I
> install KDE on top of a gnome install to avoid the sound system errors I
> used to get with Kubuntu. KDE has this mindset that you WILL comply with
> whatever notion they come up with, that has already been superseded by
> sh*t that really works far better.
> So, I got this hot new motherboard just whirring up the fans and bumping
> on all 6 CPUs with 16 gigs of ram and a stinkin' solitaire game is
> acting like I'm running a 486.

The american psychologist Paul Watzlawick calls this phenomenon "More of 
the same". The logic goes somehow like this: I just ate a chocolate bar, 
and I didn't get any slimmer. So I'll just eat three chocolate bars, and 
I'll sure as hell lose weight.

Six CPU's? 16 GB RAM? Hell, I've got a hand-compiled KDE 4.5.5 running 
perfectly on a first generation single-core PIV (1.8 GHz) with no more 
than 512 MB RAM. No complaints. (OK, built on a Slackware base, I 
patched some things to make it lighter and leave the cruft out...)

First things first: installing two desktop environments just to make one 
work OK is not a good idea.


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