KDE and akonadi FIXED

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sat Sep 24 12:17:56 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-09-23 at 22:41 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 09/23/2011 09:49 PM, Craig White wrote:
> > Yes, Google (and others) offer web browser based e-mail, calendar,
> > contact management, etc. but I tend to view it as a data store with
> > mediocre client applications and tend to use client applications that
> > suit my workflow, even though I may be using Google's
> > e-mail/contact/calendar data store as the backend. (Remember, this all
> > started with your gripe about Akonodai&  the mysql backend).
> I wouldn't consider Thunderbird mediocre. Works like a charm with our 
> email and calendar for our group. Then I export that to our website 
> directly and I update here, it's updated at the group level and then 
> after a couple of seconds it's on our site for the public. I'll admit it 
> doesn't pass gas and play Dixie, but it does what I want it to do, 
> nicely. And it doesn't eat up an entire cpu trying. :) Ric
The mediocre reference was to Google's web based applications.

The concept is that you can use a more adapted client application such
as Thunderbird on a Google account and thus use Google more as a data
store than an application but yet still have the google web application
whenever you need to use it (say from someone else's computer or from

As for the KDE backend, I suspect that the usage of mysql to manage the
data store for Akonodai was probably a poor one in that people such as
yourself who don't actually use the KDE data store inevitably get a
corrupt data store with no data and thus have no investment to maintain
the data store and are puzzled by the fact that mysql is not the most
durable solution and never investigate what it takes to fix the problem.


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