Need used video card

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Sep 24 02:15:06 UTC 2011

On 09/23/2011 05:47 PM, Jon Anderson wrote:
> I went into the nvidia xserver settings and under x server information 
> and under nvidia driver version it says 270.41.06. You know I'm 
> beginning to think that it might be my computer and not the driver, I've 
> tried 3 different ones And three different video cards, a via that was 
> onboard a old matrox 906-01 rev and now I have a old nvidia geforce 6600 
> gt and if the Nvidia xserver is right the 270.41.06 is the one I wanted 
> in there. So hell I don't know. The only thing I upgraded on my Emachine 
> t3104 was I added another half gig of memory which makes it 3/4 of a gig 
> total.

You still didn't answer the question as to where you are located re the
original post etc. And you didn't add any of the post you are replying
to, so I'll add it here for you:

> Agree. But it also varies (greatly) upon where the OP is located. For
> example: I am in the San Francisco Bay area, were I to order video card
> from an online supplier in Turkey I reckon that I'd have problems :-)
> On the other hand, if Jon Anderson is in Turkey & I gave him a local
> supplier for used/new video cards in San Jose, California it wouldn't
> help either.
> Jon advises:
> "I have a old emachine t3104.
> I've tried three so fare with little success, still freezes."
> Having googled that machine, and without knowing: 1) which three he's
> tried, 2) how much memory the machine has, etc., etc., it seems pretty
> hard to pin down. Now, if Jon lives in the SF Bay area, then I think
> that I can help.

So let's recap:

Jon Anderson wrote:
No question other than in the Subject of:
"Need used video card"
> Thats pretty much it, I would like to know were a good place to go to 
> find a used video card that with work with multiple linux programs ,I 
> would like it plug and play. Tight budget. I have a old emachine t3104. 
> I've tried three so fare with little success, still freezes.

Nobody here knows if you live in Turkey, Brazil, Maine, London, etc.,
etc. Nobody here knows what you've tried (except in this latest response
from you), nobody here knows the specs of your machine or even which
version of Ubuntu you have installed.

So I guess the question at this point is: do you still need a used video
card, or do you actually need assistance with one of the three video
cards you've now told us you tried?

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