Nvidia driver problem

Jon Anderson jbander at izoom.net
Fri Sep 23 04:47:50 UTC 2011

when I lspci -v I get kernal driver in use  -Nvidia, under that is says 
Kernal modules and list nvidia- current( the one I thought I 
needed)nvidia-173, nouveau, nvidiafb---I think the nvidia-current is 
270.41.06 and it shows that that is not the one in use. In additional 
drivers program it list two drivers Nvidia-current and nvidia-173. I 
have activated the nvidia- (version current) [recommended] and it has 
the green dot verifying that it is activated . But right across the top 
it says no proprietary drivers are in use on this system and at the 
bottom of additional drivers it says this driver is activated but not 
currently being used.
     I'm trying to get this system not to freeze ,it won't work but a 
few minutes in normal video configeration, I have to select the lower 
video level when I boot and then on the last page i select back to x and 
that is the only way it will work for 1/2 hour -2 hours then it also 

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