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thx but I use firefox. Ok if I install how to install Opera? Because in
Ubuntu Software Center in Internet and in Web Browsers, Opera is not coming
in any list!! and is also not installed by default!

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> > Hi,
> >
> > can one tell me how to download youtube videos in Ubuntu? the plugin i
> > installed but its not working!
> Just watch them and then copy them from the cache folder. If your web
> browser is Opera, the cache folder is located at ~/.opera/cache/sesn/.
> Sort the folder by file type and have a look at the flash files, it's
> probably the most recent one. All files are named like ”oprXXXXX.tmp”
> so it's probably a good idea to rename them to
> WhateverNameYouPrefer.flv before or after you copied or moved them.
> Since I don't use any other web browsers I can't say anything about
> them, but I guess they work in a similar way, or maybe not…
> Kind regards
> Johnny Rosenberg
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