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Mon Sep 19 03:56:41 UTC 2011

On 09/18/2011 07:20 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 09/18/2011 03:03 PM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
>> On 09/18/2011 02:17 PM, NoOp wrote:
> ...
>>> I can replicate. In TB 6.0.2 I show over 248K in unread messages.
>>> Normally when I have that many in a newsgroup that I frequent often, I
>>> 'mark as read by date'. I just did this to mark all as read since the
>>> 17th. As soon as it started I got the javascript error:
>>> ====
>>> A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding.
>>> You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script
>>> will complete.
>>> Script: chrome://messenger/content/markByDate.js:137
>>> ===
>>> At that point I can either elect to stop the script or continue. I
>>> select 'Continue' TB greys out for a second (expected), and I get the
>>> message again (not expected). This time I tick the 'Don't ask me again'
>>> box and again click 'Continue'. TB greys out (expected as it is sucking
>>> CPU&   it takes a very long time to go through 248K+ headers), but no
>>> more script error, and finally my unread count is 15. So give that a try
>>> Jim&   see if it finally completes for you.
>> My experience is about the same.  When I clicked 'Continue' it did not
>> pop back up. It continued to completion and my unread count was set
>> correctly, but I no longer had access to previously read messages, did
>> you?
>> Maybe I am completely misunderstanding what should happen.  Based on
>> what you wrote a couple of days ago that an advantage of gmane was you
>> would have 240,000 threaded messages available to search.  I thought
>> that I could set it to see only unread messages, but if for some reason
>> I wanted to see an old one, I could tell it to show all and I would have
>> access to them.
> You can; click 'Quick Fiter:Unread'. That will show only unread
> messages. Re-click and it will show all, read and unread. You can of
> course add 'View' on the menus which allows for a quick dropdown of:
>   All
>   Unread
>   Tags
>   Custom Views
>     People I know
>     Recent Mail
>     Last 5 Days
>     Not Junk
>     Has Attachments
>   Save View as Folder
>   Customize
>> After all of this fussing around with settings I can see that the
>> performance penalty far exceeds any real need I have to search them all.
> Performance is only related to initial setup etc. Of course if you do a
> search, realize that it is searching through over 240K of headers.

I never get past the initial setup. After they are all downloaded and I 
switch to another NG there is a long delay.  Then if I switch back there 
is another long delay and all the read messages have disappeared. 
Looking at the .msf file confirms this as it is much smaller than right 
after the download.  It late now so I'll give it another go tomorrow.

>> I've realized that ideally having all the messages of any thread that
>> has unread messages in it is what I want.  I realize that there is a
>> view-->threads-->threads with unread but I can't get that to work any
>> better than view all.  I've sort of been doing that with this thread by
>> as soon as I open a message I immediately mark it as unread that way the
>> whole thread is accessible by me.
>> Again maybe I don't understand how it is designed to work.
> I'm not sure I actually understand.

> ...
> NB:Wow, just opened TB 6.0.2 on the laptop (64bit) and realized how
> kludgy TB displays headers... even normal header takes up nearly 2
> inches. Installed 'CompactHeader' to get it back to normal. I reckon I'm
> spoiled by SeaMonkey.

I was satisfied with Seamonkey when I was using it but kept getting 
messages that it was an unsupported browser.  My isp and the new Yahoo 
mail are a couple of examples.  I can't remember is User Agent Switcher 
solved the problem or not.  I finally just got tired of trying to work 
around their shortsightedness and switched.

I'll have a look at CompactHeader because yess, Tbird does take up alot 
of space.

Regards, Jim

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