[OT] - Netflix

Juan molaxp at aol.com
Sun Sep 18 23:25:17 UTC 2011

El 18/09/11 19:06, compdoc escribiรณ:
> Juan wrote:
>> I have 2GB RAM, 3GHz Intel PIV HT. 80GB HD. VirtualBox worked well but
>> slow refresh rate on the Silverlight stream.
> 3GHz is a decent speed cpu, but some sites mention requiring multiple cores
> and a larger amount of ram to get good playback speeds.
> Dual-booting would give you the speed, but if you don't have that ability...
> Nothing I could find suggested there is a way to watch Netflix in linux,
> except for a couple of exceptions: embedded systems that contain a DRM chip,
> and Google's Netflix plugin for ChromeOS.
> I've never tried ChromeOS, but I'm curious of anything from Google so
> someday I will.
I tried ChromeOS but maybe the build I downloaded was corrupted because 
it never started on the VM.

In the past I made dual boot but with Windows installed first. Now my 
install has the full drive in Linux file systems. Resize, partitioning, 
formating, installing, no thanks.

Maybe some tips to make my VM (Windows XP [ue]) faster will be better.

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