Is it possible change 11.04 program list as 10.10?

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Sun Sep 18 02:28:12 UTC 2011

also....this is not the computer i want to download ubuntu on this is my friends how do i get to anywhere on the hp?

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Subject: Re: Is it possible change 11.04 program list as 10.10?

On 09/17/2011 04:03 PM, Rashkae wrote:
> On 09/17/2011 06:53 PM, NoOp wrote:
>> On 09/17/2011 02:55 PM, Koh Choon Lin wrote:
>>> Just FYI, 11.10 is releasing next month and there would be no more
>>> "Classic" desktop, unlike 11.04.
>> Sure there is. You just need to install it.
>> $ sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback
>> <>
>> I currently have it running in 11.10 in VirtualBox.
> The gnome shell fallback is a poor excuse to replace Gnome 2, with the 
> applets gone, and no ability to customize the 'panels'...If you don't 
> wan to use either Gnome shell or Unity, you would be much better off 
> installing XFCE as a gnome replacement.

You mean like Linus? :-)
Linus Torvalds - While you are at it, could you also fork gnome, and
support a gnome-2 environment?

I want my sane interfaces back. I have yet to meet anybody who likes the
unholy mess that is gnome-3.
Jul 26, 2011

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