selection disappear

user1 bqz69 at
Fri Sep 16 07:11:27 UTC 2011

On Sun, 28 Aug 2011 10:23:01 +0100, Colin Law wrote:

> On 15 August 2011 18:00, user1 <bqz69 at> wrote:
>> I am using ubuntu maverick 10.10.
>> When I make a selection using the mouse og keyboard in e.g. leafpad,
>> notes and pan the selection disappear immediately.
> I think there is some confusion as to exactly what you mean.  Do you
> mean that after selecting an area using the mouse or keyboard then that
> selection is immediately deleted or do you just mean you cannot see it
> and if you remove the selection it becomes visible again?  If it is
> deleted then does this only happen in leafpad notes or does it happen in
> other applications such as gedit?

When I select some text with the left mouse cursor, the selected text 
becomes blue, when I then remove the cursor, the blue color immediately 
disappear, and the text stays

I just tried gedit, selection blue color also disappear here?

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