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Not sure why you are replying to Hunter with pokes at my responses.
You'd have been better off replying to my post instead.

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That's not me.

Maybe it's the fact that you are using MS Outlook...
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On 09/13/2011 08:06 AM, compdoc wrote:
>>None of my systems use qemu-KVM

> So you know nothing about it.

Actually I do. My chipsets don't support it. You do realize that
quem-KVM is a hardware base virtualization method... right? I (NoOp)
stated that I use VirtualBox and VMWare (Player) instead.

>>Because I'm not sure just what you want explained.

I wrote that.

> I was responding to NoOp, but you sound as though I was responding to you.
> Are you the same person?

I am in this post, but the person you replied to (Hunter Poe) is not.

> You do sound a lot like NoOp - you say things without explaining them. If
> you don't use qemu-KVM then what do you use? And how is the video
> performance, and how much ram is required?

You can start here:
and here:

> Why not educate us rather than act like you're the only person who knows
> it all works?

Because you stated "A windows virtual machine typically uses RDP or VNC
to view the desktop" indicating that you know how it all works. This
isn't a tutorial forum, and I don't mind helping (check my posting
history), but I do mind when advise is provided that is completely
incorrect. And then you reply:

> Surprised you didn't know - qemu-KVM uses VNC on the console, or you can
> access with RPD. I think Xen is similar. This is typical, as I said. I
> didn't say this was the only way.

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