keyboard works in BIOS & GRUB but not during boot

scar scar at
Wed Sep 7 07:23:34 UTC 2011

Basil Chupin @ 09/06/2011 11:09 PM:
> Hmm, OK. Sounds like the driver for the keyboard is not being loaded
> when the system is being booted. I don't have an answer for this sorry
> to say as I have never had this problem.
> Just to clarify things for anyone who may follow with advice for your
> problem: does the mouse work even though the k/board doesn't (ie, does
> the cursor move around)? and how many USB devices do you have connected
> on the same USB port? 

i can't tell if the mouse works because i'm still in the bootup
sequence, trying to enter the passphrase to unlock the partition.
however, i've used both the mouse and keyboard on another system with
10.04 and they work fine.  the mouse and KB are the only 2 USB devices
i'm using, and they are each plugged into their own port on the back of
the computer.

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