keyboard works in BIOS & GRUB but not during boot

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Wed Sep 7 06:09:04 UTC 2011

On 07/09/11 13:50, scar wrote:
> Basil Chupin @ 09/06/2011 06:27 PM:
>> Sounds like you are typing in the wrong passphrase/password. It is typed
>> in "blind" - ie, nothing appears on the screen. And don't forget that
>> the passphrase is case sensitive.
> OK... i'm used to seeing dots when i type.  nevertheless, i tried typing
> the passphrase and pushing 'enter' but the machine doesn't respond...  i
> can't use ctrl-alt-del either, and numlock doesn't toggle the LED on the
> keyboard

Hmm, OK. Sounds like the driver for the keyboard is not being loaded 
when the system is being booted. I don't have an answer for this sorry 
to say as I have never had this problem.

Just to clarify things for anyone who may follow with advice for your 
problem: does the mouse work even though the k/board doesn't (ie, does 
the cursor move around)? and how many USB devices do you have connected 
on the same USB port? (This last question is trying to deal with the 
fact that if you have two devices sitting on the same USB port then only 
one of them can use that port at any one time - when you have a k/board 
and a mouse on the same port you only use the keyboard or the mouse at 
any one time but try to use both simultaneously and one of them will not 
respond until the other has stopped doing what it was doing...... I know 
that you said that it all works under Windows, but we have heard all 
this before that "but it works under Windows"....... :-D :-D . )


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