What program does local delivery?

Knute Johnson ubuntu at knutejohnson.com
Mon Sep 5 21:13:49 UTC 2011

On 9/5/2011 2:06 PM, David Fletcher wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-09-05 at 13:24 -0700, Knute Johnson wrote:
>> What program does local delivery?  The sendmail.mc file says
>> MAILER(`local').  How do I figure out what program is actually being
>> used?  I want to change the destination where the mail is delivered.
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Knute Johnson
> No I'm not trying to start a sendmail vs postfix war, only want to say
> that I included my domain name in the
> mydestination =
> line in /etc/postfix/main.cf
> then restarted postfix and it "just worked" including mail delivered
> from outside, at least I think that was all I did. Getting it to act as
> a relay to send mail out is a little more work but not too bad.
> All you need to do then is sort out the aliases file to get it to
> deliver to the intended box.
> If you're using sendmail you have to put your modified mc file through
> some macro processing program, if I remember rightly, every time you
> make a change to it. I could never get it to work properly for me, but
> others swear by it. I just swore at it.
> Dave

I know that folks who use postfix really like it.  I've just been using 
sendmail forever and am resistant to change.  I've got it working how I 
like it and I have some clue about how it works.  I know nothing about 

I don't know if postfix uses another program to do local delivery or not 
but sendmail does and that is where I need to change the location of the 

It's really probably time for me to upgrade my server but it's been 
working so well I don't want to mess with it either .



Knute Johnson

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