Jesus! I hate 11.04, WTF happened? This is awful. Somebody's head should be smacked!

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Sun Mar 6 11:38:57 UTC 2011

Le 06/03/2011 03:45, NoOp a écrit :

> FWIW: +1 on Natty Unity.
> Attempting to do anything with it on a 1 y.o. HP G60US Notebook just
> plain sucks&  results in multiple crashes.

One general word of advice on the subject. It's only a question of using 
the right tool for the job. As much as I like the shiny new Ducati 1198 
sports bike, I wouldn't exactly use it for a trip from France to India 
and over the Himalaya. For this, a BMW 1250 GS would be more appropriate.

Similarly, if you're looking for stability on a production machine, why 
not simply use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS? I'm an IT professional using 100% 
GNU/Linux for the last ten years, and I wonder what it is that you're 
possibly looking for in Ubuntu 11.04 that's not featured in 10.04 or 
10.10. If you want to use Unity *and* have a rock-solid system under the 
hood, then why not simply wait until next year, until 12.04 LTS comes 
out? Leave the alpha-and-beta-testing hassle to the developers.

Cheers from the sunny South of France,

Niki Kovacs

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