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chris <chevhq at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I think Jordon's point is that the
> various manufacturers and distributors will provide the needed support
> for their devices for Windows, darn near every time, while Linux barely
> rates a passing nod. That is the real world I think he alluded to. 
> If Ubuntu were to create a "Ubuntu Ready Certification" marketing
> program, I think we might see more support happen. Even if it were just
> a web page devoted to user feed-back and notes, but officially supported
> by Ubuntu personnel and not some third party lame-o effort to get free
> kit. Just my two-cents. Ric
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> Only the former may be overcome." R.I.P. Dad.
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and a reasonable idea.
the kiwi

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OK, I'd rather not keep this thread alive any longer and I'd rather not give WimpDoze too much credit. However, to be honest, I find Win 7 Pro to be very well behaved. I recently got a free DVD at work. My college is suddenly an M$ partner and participates in some sort of M$ certification program involving Visual Studio. So, the faculty in my Math department, which includes IT, get free access to said DVD for one PC. I installed it on my dual-boot at home and find it trying to be like Ubuntu. Its about time u got something right Billy Boy!

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