A basic question, to be asked.

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Thu Jul 28 19:31:26 UTC 2011

PM wrote:
> Now, please tell me if I install Ubuntu, would it ask me to replace
> the existing Linux partition or would it overwrite the entire disk?

Well, it'll ask which you'd like it to do, and it'll let you specify
manually what you'd like to happen to the different partitions if none
of its suggestions match.

> I want it with windows. It should definitely ask me. Secondly,
> should I go for Long support UBuntu? My main use is only to use it at
> home for personal use and I am having desktop PC with speakers. I
> hope it would not ask me to do this or that for speakers drives...?

Audio should be fine - it used to be the case that audio was iffy under
Linux, but it's really rather reliable now.

> (if yes, please do let me know about all this before i install and
> use)

The easiest way to check is to boot from the CD and choose 'Try
Ubuntu'. This will boot into a Ubuntu install that's on the CD and let
you try it without affecting anything on your disk. If everything
works here, it'll work on an install. Things that don't work might
only require a quick tweak or two, so it's worth looking in to
anything like that.  

> Last but not the least, please do let me know if it would support
> data card of Alcatel and 3G connection ( for internet).

Ah, this I can't help you with I'm afraid.


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