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In fact, I get very less time from my job to study or use PC but I have an
interest to use Linux and to understand it to some extent, earlier also I
was trying but again had to go out of station for job purposes. Right, in
fact I have installed PCLinuxOS with Windows but due to simplicity and
versatility, going to use Ubuntu, the most common flavor people use today.
What I did last night, was installed, windows in 130 GB (approx) and PCLOS
in 100 GB remaining. Now, please tell me if I install Ubuntu, would it ask
me to replace the existing Linux partition or would it overwrite the entire
disk? I want it with windows. It should definitely ask me. Secondly, should
I go for Long support UBuntu? My main use is only to use it at home for
personal use and I am having desktop PC with speakers. I hope it would not
ask me to do this or that for speakers drives...? (if yes, please do let me
know about all this before i install and use)

Last but not the least, please do let me know if it would support data card
of Alcatel and 3G connection ( for internet).

I  hope it would be great to use Ubuntu!!

Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple,
awesomely simple, that's innovation.. -C Mingus
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