Server becomes io-bound on no disk writes.

compdoc compdoc at
Wed Jul 27 14:01:54 UTC 2011

>Now is not the time to be doing hardware benchmarks.
>Ask me again when the issue is resolved
>and I would glad to provide such benchmarks.

I agree, now is not the time to do hardware benchmarks - it should have been
thoroughly tested before putting the machines into production.

I've been building servers a lot of years now, and I know from experience
that you don't just slap parts together. You need to know how well it runs.

My comments about the difference in throughput between WD and Seagate drives
was just an (unbiased) observation.

The real reason for the benchmark is a curiosity about a problem that occurs
with how partitions are created on what's called 'Advanced Format' drives.

It may well be that you aren't experiencing this problem, but I think you
have to expect at least some spurious disk writes on a server. It's how well
the drives handle the writes that makes a difference.

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