Is there such a thing as a "standard" contacts book?

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at
Mon Jul 25 10:40:13 UTC 2011

On Sun, July 24, 2011 13:18, David Fletcher wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, folks.
> I've taken a look at a couple of information pages and the whole thing
> looks horribly complex and OTT for something that I would have thought
> ought to be reasonably easy and commonplace.

My best guess is that nobody bothers any more, when you have Google.
Unfortunately there is no, but take a look at GCALDaemon:
It's almost point-and-click, but you still need a server somewhere to run
GCALDaemon. That's OK for me, I share a box in a datacenter, but it's not
suitable for everyone.

I'm adding GCALDaemon to my Astrid/Producteev/GoogleTasks todo-list, and
I'm adding the bookmark in Delicious.


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