Name resolution in small network

compdoc compdoc at
Thu Jul 21 21:04:04 UTC 2011

>I have a router that provides DHCP name resolution. If I use DHCP with
>my Linux hosts, Windoz reads the router and resolved their IP address.
>But I do not know how to make Linux read the router and resolve the
>Windoz DHCP addresses.

DNS works the same way for Linux and Windows. If your router has the ability
to define hostnames, you should do it there since its already the dhcp
server and providing dns forwarding.

If it cannot define hosts, then set up a dns server on one of your systems.
If you have Windows Server, it's especially easy to set up. Although it's
not very hard to do in linux either.

You would need to have the dhcp server hand out the address for your new dns
server to all the clients.

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