[OT] Linus Torvalds delays Linux 3.0 launch due to a subtle bug

Avi lists at avi.co
Wed Jul 20 22:19:21 UTC 2011

Ernest Doub wrote:

> Read the entire thread from the beginning and then ask the question
> again.

I did. Microsoft came up because Basil Chupin decided that a bug in
Linux 3.0 for some reason reminded him that MS have written some Linux
modules. Perhaps I should have replied to him directly.

> I would expect this question form a top posted list.
> since the entire point of bottom posting is to put the thread in
> chronological order your question is redundant.

Not really. The subject header of these emails now bears no relation to
the actual subject of their bodies. Bottom posting doesn't keep the
thread in chronological order any better than top posting; snipped
bottom posting's main 'feature' is that it keeps each answer in context
with its question.


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