Access to Computer on Local Network

NoOp glgxg at
Sun Jul 17 00:54:07 UTC 2011

On 07/16/2011 02:38 PM, Barbara Tobias wrote:
>> ? ?Sorry to be so dense, but I have looked everywhere and don't find a
>> ? ?"Network" indicator. ?Can you tell me how you get to it? ?By
>> clicking on
>> ? ?"Home Folder" or what? ?Thanks.
> Clicking the Home Folder launcher icon should open Nautilus (the file
> manager).  In the left hand column should be a Network link.
> Colin
> I have two folder launcher icons in the left-hand column.  One brings up
> all the folders and files under /home/barbara and the other bring up a
> screen for searching for files or folders.  Is there some way I can see
> if perhaps something is not loaded properly on my system?  Thanks.
> 	Barbara

Easiest way is to switch to Ubuntu Classic... however, in Unity when you
bring up the first folder listing /home/barbara, move your mouse to the
top panel; just to the right of 'Home' you'll see 'File Edit View Go
Bookmarks Help', select 'Go|Windows Network' or 'Go|Network' &
double-click Windows Network in the Nautilus pane. Then again for the
network name. If that doesn't work (Unable to mount location), then
'Go|Location' and that will get you to: smb:///. Enter the ip address of
the other machine in the box as: smb://<ipaddress> and select enter -
that should get you there.

Also, you are posting via gmail & every reply that you make starts a new
thread. I don't use gmail, but If you look through the archives you'll
most likely find a thread telling you how to keep your replies to the
same thread. Thanks.

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