Need Support For Latest Hardware?

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Tue Jul 5 18:24:44 UTC 2011

On 07/05/2011 10:36 AM, Navdeep Singh Sidhu wrote:
>   I can run any game or softwares on my system using windows. I'm possessed with 
> Linux,but i can't use Linux on my system.
>   I have contacted Dell technical support for help regarding this problem. They 
> told me that there will be no option in BIOS to disable one of my graphics card. 
> So the problem remains same. They told me that nVIDIA is primary graphics card 
> in my laptop & Intel HD3000 is secondary graphics card. And also as i'm using 
> i-7 processor that support's some kind of architecture that has to use both of 
> graphics card & i can't disable any of them. in short, they said that my 
> laptop's hardware architecture supports only both card option & i can't disable 
> any of them. But i don't believe them, there is no such architecture in which we 
> can't disable one of the graphics card. Hardware manu. companies designs 
> motherboard in such way that if one of graphics card fails (like let nVidia 
> fails in most of the cases)then automatically it switches to inbuilt VGA (Intel 
> HD 3000) or secondry vga. I'm not sure about my statement but i think so.
> But if they are true, then this means any of linux distro can't support my 
> hardware. So we have to design such kernel that supports all the hardwares & 
> architectures. Can we design this kind of kernel? it doesn't matters what the 
> problem is, may be it is nvidia's optimus drivers that they have not given to 
> add in Linux kernel or any architecture problem that is not supported by Linux. 
> the main thing is that Linux Doesn't have solution for both problem. It applies 
> to all Distros. So can open source programmers design such kernel or not ? Or i 
> haave to wait for next 10 years to use Linux on my Laptop.

All this complaining and the one thing we lack that is actually useful
to us aiding you is missing.  How about a model number so we can
diagnose whether it's you, them or Linux.

Also, you are confusing laptops with normal desktops, your assumptions
are (now days) not the case with laptops and here soon will never be the
case as they will either opt to use graphics on the die or switch
between high-end and low-end graphics dynamically, this could be your
case (though I do not know if Dell even does that yet.) I know Asus does
and I know Apple does and Sony has a few and so does Acer.

I wouldn't doubt your hardware company though, Dell does know the most
about the hardware they make, Dell isn't the old company from before
that doesn't have the money to fab their own hardware, they do make
their own hardware now so they are obviously the horses mouth.

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