Hardware issue (again)

Curt Tresenriter ctres at grics.net
Sun Jul 3 13:49:45 UTC 2011

Sorry, can't reply to the thread since I haven't gotten my ISP to 
whitelist canonical yet - I'm not getting emails any more.

I can't say I've noticed the CPU temp but there have been no warning noises.

As for Intel - just no thanks. 'Nuff said.

I had to go out of town after getting Natty installed originally and it 
began acting up - didn't have much time then to troubleshoot but two 
days later I got home and fired it up and everything was running perfectly.

I believe I used it for a couple hours with no problems - keyboard or 
otherwise, when I decided I still don't like Unity ( second try - 
again... 'nuff said) and decided to try out Linux Mint  - new version - 
for fun.
At first the installer refused to run ubuquity - the next day it 
installed without a glitch (?!).

I was in the process of determining which of the four hard disks I had 
GRUB installed to when the looping and locking up began.

Can't get to the BIOS to increase the RAM's voltage just yet... maybe 
later, and I was able to get other installations on different hard 
drives to boot - until the L & L problem began.

Sorry I forgot to mention that I'm using a KVM switch (Belkin Soho). 
I've used it for nearly a year with no problems beyond the initial setup 
and all I needed to do then was to power it down and back up and it's 
performed flawlessly since (I think).

Keyboard works fine on all the other installations (in the same and 
other machines) excepting short periods when it doesn't want to 
recognize keypresses, and that has been on the main machine, the same 
one with the problem now, not on other machines on the KVM. A reboot or 
two always resolved this and it is quite infrequent.
This machine was formerly an A7N8X X with an Athlon proc and patriot RAM.

The (new) processor was a kit with a very nice heat sink and fan so I 
don't think there's a problem there.

The PCI slots are not fully populated, I have a Turtle Beach sound card 
and a newly acquired (used) Nvidia video card (PCIe and it's in the 1st 
slot) not sure of the specs but it does have 1 GB of cache, a big heat 
sink and fan on it.
Just put that in before booting this a.m. and the acting up started 
while I was using the onboard ATI graphics chip.

I considered the power supply as a possible issue. It's an EnLight 450 
watt. The manual says with fully populated PCI slots it's best to have 
1000 Watts to power things adequately but so far this doesn't look like 
an issue ( 3 hard disks, a Plextor PX 708A and the three fans - 
eventually a fourth in the side when I can close it up again).
My power supply tester shows proper voltage for all the pins.

So, exchange the mobo, eh?
 Just for the helluvit, I'll hook up another keyboard/mouse and see what 
happens before I do anything.

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