Hardware issue (again)

compdoc compdoc at hotrodpc.com
Sun Jul 3 14:25:17 UTC 2011

>I considered the power supply as a possible issue. It's an EnLight 450
>watt. The manual says with fully populated PCI slots it's best to have
>1000 Watts to power things adequately but so far this doesn't look like
>an issue ( 3 hard disks, a Plextor PX 708A and the three fans -
>eventually a fourth in the side when I can close it up again).

In troubleshooting these kinds of problems, its best to go basic:

Install one hard drive, plug the mouse and keyboard directly into the
system. Try another power supply. Try one stick of ram at a time. Remove
that PCI sound card.

It's not usually necessary to increase the ram's voltage unless the ram
specifies a higher voltage. It will say on the ram's sticker.

The video card might require a separate power connector, so make sure that's
plugged in.

A 1000 watt PSU is a bit much. I like them in the 600 to 700 watt range for
most applications. But go with whatever you can afford since you do have
several hard drives and what sounds like a large video card...

>So, exchange the mobo, eh?

Asus makes a damned good mobo - but anything is possible. I would try
exchanging only as a final resort.

Same with the ram, but as I was saying before, ram (or anything) can fail in
odd ways, so rule nothing out.

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