A "green" distro of Ubuntu?

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at kapsi.fi
Sun Jul 3 13:25:38 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jul 03, 2011 at 11:05:07PM +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:
> >>(Yes, alright, OK, Sister, I was about to take the medication now
> >>anyway....)
> >Oh... oh...
> Nah...nothing to be worried about, I only get this way when the
> effects of the meds start to wear off but otherwise I'm quite OK -
> 20% or so of the time at least - and you can't tell the difference
> between me and the other members of this list....

Quite alright. When it comes to mailing lists, it's impossible to tell anything
about anyone. So I take everything with a grain of salt anyway.

But I take a lot of something else too, but I don't wanna talk about it.

(the obligatory *grin* here)


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