Hardware issue?

Jordon Bedwell jordon at envygeeks.com
Sun Jul 3 12:35:59 UTC 2011

On 03/07/11 07:02, compdoc wrote:
> I never buy ram based on their Approved Vendor List - it all just works.
> Sometimes though, they do release a bios update that will help with ram
> compatibility problems. See if your bios is current.
> The ram I'm using is 1600MHz, but after a few months of use it became
> unstable and failed memtest86+ so now I run it at 1333MHz. I think I've been
> running this system over a year now.

Read this again and again, until you catch it.

> Is the cpu overheating?

Should have bought an Intel so you could get better thermal protection
then, and maybe a little bit of that mmmm...yummy thermal throttling ;)

You set yourself considering you imply AMD has no thermal protection.

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